The Anolinx Team

Aaron Kamauu MD MS MPH



Dr. Aaron Kamauu (MD, MS Biomedical Informatics, MPH – University of Utah School of Medicine) is the CEO of Anolinx LLC where he leads innovation in leveraging healthcare data to support a variety of clinical research, informatics, clinical trials and drug development activities, including pharmacoepidemiology, outcomes research, protocol design, site identification and data-driven patient recruitment. Prior to Anolinx, Dr Kamauu was the Director of Healthcare Data Analytics at Clinical Methods, prior to that he was the Head of Healthcare Data Strategy at Roche Pharmaceuticals & Genentech Inc, and prior to that he worked for a software development company managing the underlying coding schemes for an outpatient electronic health record (EHR) system.

Dr. Kamauu is a member of leading medical societies where he has presented innovative research in radiology/imaging informatics, public health informatics, and clinical research informatics. Dr. Kamauu brings a unique combination of clinical, biomedical informatics, drug development and public health training and experience, resulting in the application of innovative biomedical informatics methodology to support projects based on individual patient care as well as population-based observations.

John Baird



John Baird, JD, is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and General Counsel of Anolinx. He is responsible for executive-level oversight of Anolinx operations. Most recently, Mr. Baird served as Chief Legal Counsel to the Bennett Group where, with former Senator Robert F. Bennett, he was a founding principal of the company. In this capacity, Mr. Baird worked closely with private sector initiatives focused on the health-care industry and was instrumental in the funding and formation of Anolinx. John engaged in the private practice of law for 25 years during which time he received the profession’s highest designation for competence, professional and ethical standing. In addition to his experience in private practice, he has served as corporate counsel to several public and privately held corporations.

Justin Spencer



Justin Spencer leads the Anolinx Business Development activities, promoting and contracting of Anolinx services to the pharmaceutical manufacturer community. Justin has over 15 years’ experience working with health systems, universities, and healthcare technology companies to address key strategic issues related to operations and new market opportunities. Prior to joining Anolinx, Justin served as consultant and advisor for Clinical Leadership Development, Research, and Operations for the second largest private not-for-profit system in the United States.

Andrew Wilson PhD MSTAT



Andrew Wilson, PhD, is the Anolinx Lead Pharmacoepidemiologist and oversees the Health Data Analytics services and project statistics. He received his PhD in Public Health and M.Stat from the University of Utah School of Medicine. Prior to coming to Anolinx, Andy was the Biostatistician for the Research and Development department at ARUP Laboratories for over 5 years. He has had numerous collaborations across the country and has co-authored over 50 peer-reviewed papers. He also teaches statistics and research methods at the University of Utah.

Nicole Bailey MPH

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Nicole graduated as Student of the Year with her Master of Public Health at the University of Utah School of Medicine and has years of experience managing initiatives in public health and medicine. Trained as an epidemiologist, Nicole is instrumental in both the Pharmacoepidemiology and Project Management sides of Anolinx, giving insight into the design, implementation, and maintenance of research protocols, conducting and supervising numerous literature reviews, as well as managing research activities, budget and timelines of current projects.

In addition to her responsibilities in the work environment, Nicole is also actively involved in community initiatives surrounding public health, including infectious disease prevention and global surgery initiatives, as well as maintaining a long-time involvement volunteering in the pediatric oncology arena.

Rebekah Paredes

Rebekah Paredes, Project Management Team Lead at Anolinx


Rebekah is primarily responsible for ensuring all projects stay on track within the defined timeline as well as oversees all milestones and deadlines are met. Other roles and responsibilities include: customer service with the sponsor, point of contact for research teams, managing scope to ensure focus is on the project objective and providing seamless communication between sponsors and research teams. Rebekah also manages Anolinx resources when needed.

Rebekah graduated from Brigham Young University with a BA in Communications.  With her communication background, she has experience in facilitating professional workshops, seminars, and trainings to enhance the organization’s direction and vision. Rebekah also has experience in marketing, recruitment and event planning.