Anolinx™ eResearch Network

A Team Concept

Anolinx™ partners with large healthcare systems to leverage their rich, real-world EHR data for clinical research, drug development and improving health outcomes.

Finish Ahead of the Competition

Start quickly, dig deeper and finish ahead of the competition. Anolinx™ gives you a head start in the competitive field of getting life-saving medicines to market and to patients that need them, thanks to our ability to get you better information sooner. Take a close look at our innovations and technology; and meet our expert team.

We can show you the value of deep data, especially when time is of the essence.


Our “heat maps” overlay patient counts with locations of healthcare delivery so research teams can get a snapshot of:

  • geographic distribution of observational studies and ability to generalize results
  • the viability of a clinical trial even before it gets started and drive towards identifying sites where we know potentially eligible patients exist