Deep, Rich Data & Advanced Analytics

ANOLINX™ leverages larger real-world healthcare data (RWD) to understand patients and help improve health outcomes


Dig Deep

ANOLINX™ digs deep into rich electronic healthcare data for greater specificity & better results.

  • – Real-world Healthcare Data (RWD)
  • – Electronic Health Records (EHR) & Claims Data
  • – Real-world Evidence (RWE)

Advanced Informatics & Analytics

ANOLINX™ applies advanced informatics for leveraging rich real-world healthcare data; extracting the most relevant data elements for each project’s objectives.

Cutting edge and innovative analytics methods are used on such data leading to meaningful results.

Our Services


Health Economics

Outcomes Research

Protocol Feasibility & Optimization

Analysis of Protocol Competitiveness

Data-Driven Site Identification

Observational Research

Systems Analysis

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Virtual Registries

Multi-Site Studies

Validation Studies

ANOLINX™ specializes in the innovative use of real-world healthcare data (RWD) to generate real-world evidence (RWE) in support of clinical research, drug development and improving health outcomes.

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